Palo Pinto County Clean Up

Saturday, May 8, Strawn, Gordon and Mingus will all be holding city-wide clean ups in coordination with the county-wide clean up.  Dumpsters will be placed near the railroad track in each town and be available for their citizens from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. or until the dumpsters are full, whichever comes first.    There has been a history of the dumpsters filling up fast so get there early.   There will be a location near the baseball field and cemetery where Strawn residents can take their shrubs or tree limbs.  If you live in Gordon and need help with picking up larger items, call city hall Friday at 254-693-5676 to be put on the list for pick up.

Items not allowed in the dumpsters are: vehicle batteries, tires, shingles, or building material.