Ranger College Announces Accelerated Courses for Spring

Ranger College has announced four accelerated classes beginning March 8 and ending May 6. Each three-hour course will meet six hours per week for eight weeks. Spring break will be observed by all students March 15-19.

Courses scheduled for the Brown County Campus, the Stephenville Campus and the Ranger Campus include: History 1301; English 1301; Speech 1315 and Math 1314.

Dean Bubba Adams, Dean of Administration, advises that many students wish to either pick up another course or begin enrolling in classes in March. These accelerated courses allow students the opportunity to take up to 12 hours of college credit in an accelerated session and finish at the end of the regular Spring Semester. Adams expects a large enrollment in each of four courses and says that accelerated courses will become a part of every semester’s offering.

The Ranger College website (www.rangercollege.edu) contains more information.