Ranger Has A New Mayor

7:45 P.M. The Ranger commissioners convened a special meeting Monday evening to formally accept the resignation of Mayor Green and to appoint someone to the position of mayor Pro tem. The meeting was conducted by City Secretary, Troy Emery. The members first voted to accept the mayor’s resignation.

The commissioners, after meeting for a time in closed session, then voted to confirm Commissioner Steve Gerdes as the new Mayor Pro tem of Ranger. The vote to confirm was 2 to 0 with commissioner Gerdes abstaining. Voting in favor of Mr. Gerdes were commissioners William Destro and Jared Calvert. Upon appointment to the position of mayor Pro tem, Mr Gerdes became mayor of Ranger.

Commissioners met in closed session to discuss the process they would follow in appointing a mayor Pro tem. The process was outlined in communications between the City Secretary and the City Attorney. When the members emerged from their closed session, they voted to make Commissioner Steve Gerdes the new Mayor Pro tem of Ranger.

It is anticipated that at the next regularly scheduled commissioners meeting, the members will appoint replacements for the vacancies on the commission.

6:42 P.M. Update
City Secretary Troy Emery conducted the meeting.

6:19 P.M. Update:
Commission accepted the resignation of Mayor Green. The commissioners were in executive session from 5:34 P.M. until 6:10 P.M.

Steve Gerdes appointed Mayor pro tem. The meeting is still in progress, updates to follow.

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