Recent Low Temps, Other Issues Slows King Kong's Progress

The frigid temperatures recently experienced in the area caused several issues that have delayed portions of the major work dubbed King Kong in the city.

The first delay was with the city’s portion of sewer line replacement in the 300 Block of South Daugherty. The freezing temps caused numerous water line leaks throughout the city and took the crews working on Daugherty Street elsewhere. The city has since resumed the Daugherty Street work.

The temperature drops also caused several issues with the major water line replacement that is currently underway along South Daugherty from Commerce to Plummer.

Crews with Darnell & Dickson ran into other issues with work at the intersection of Commerce and Daugherty that started their delays.

Once crews were ready to begin trenching for the water line replacement, it was found that the concrete base under the brick surface of the street was much thicker than anticipated. This issue called for the need to use jackhammers and other equipment to remove the extra thick concrete causing a slow down in the overall schedule.

It was anticipated that the work was to be past the ER drive off Daugherty on Friday and if all goes well, the work should be to Plummer by the end of this coming week.

Please remember if you have NON EMERGENCY reasons to visit Eastland Memorial Hospital , or Dr. Maples’ Clinic, you MUST enter the large hospital/Church of Christ/Maples Clinic parking area from Walnut Street . Walnut is one block west of Daugherty.

For EMERGENCY entry to EMH, please use OLIVE Street to the ambulance entrance.

The project continues with other crews working along South Seaman from Valley south to Lens.

Additional work continues on North College (Hwy. 3101) as well as along the old Bankhead Highway .

Just a reminder, when travelling in these areas, please be alert and watch for crew members and heavy equipment.

Residents and businesses in the areas are also reminded that water service interruptions may be necessary at times during the work.

For questions or comments please contact Eastland City Hall at 629-3349.