The Benefits of Recycling Cell Phones

Eastland, Texas (June 23, 2010) – Over 10 million wireless users every month retire their old cell phones but only about 5% recycle. The Crime Victim Assistance Center (CVAC) has partnered with some area Churches to actively support nationwide cell phone recycling. It is important that we all understand the great positive impact responsible cell phone disposal can have on the environment. Your participation in the cell phone recycling program guarantees that your old cell phone won’t pollute any landfill anywhere in the world. So Help “Raise the Bar” on recycling for a cleaner environment.

The CVAC works with communities in Eastland and Stephens Counties to collect discarded cell phones. The phones are sent to the 911 Cell Phone Bank. The Phone Bank then returns refurbished phones to the CVAC that provide safe 911 cell phones for victims of Sexual Assault or Domestic Violence. A phone is provided to a victim, at no cost, who comes to the CVAC and does not have a way to contact 911 in case of emergency.

If you would like to participate in this Campaign by donating used cell phones (with or without chargers) there are collection boxes at the following locations:


First Baptist Church at 301 S. Rose

First Christian Church at 101 E. Williams

First United Methodist Church at 419 W. Walker


Mountain Top Church in the Myrtle Wilks Community Center

First Baptist Church at 202 W. 9th Street

Cisco Police Department


Daugherty Street Church of Christ across from the Eastland Memorial Hospital

First United Methodist Church at 215 S. Mulberry

Eastland Police Department


First Baptist Church on Walnut at Marston

The Pentecostal Church on the Corner of Elm Street and N. Austin

Church of God on the corner of Pershing and Spring Road behind the H & R Feed Store

Second Baptist Church on Commerce and Paine