Rogue's Fearless Football Picks Week 5

Eastland V Godley – The Mavs have been playing really good, but this week’s challenge has been slaughtering every opponent. I would like to think the Mavs will be up to the task, but unless Godley gets the big head, they look unbeatable. Mavs fall by 17

Breckenridge v Whitney – The Bucks get back on track after a good ole fashion whippin’ by Godley. The Bucks rebound and rout Whitney by 24

Cisco v Hico – I have lost faith in this years Loboes. They seem clueless on how to win. Cisco looses again by 14

Ranger v Valley Mills – The Dawgs won again last week, playing really good football. This week, the mountain is way too high. DAWGS fall by 28

Gorman v Santo – The pain continues in Pantherland.  Gorman will be destroyed in this one, yet again.  Santo by 32

Strawn vs Bryson – The Hounds have regained their focus after a rough start for the season. Bryson could be tough, but not tough enough. It appears the Hounds are once again a player in six man, Strawn win by 18

Ballinger v Jim Ned – This is a meeting of two teams that started the season slow, but upset stronger teams by a lot. My money is on Ballinger by 7

Gordon v Stephenville Faith – Gordon is somewhat slowed down by injuries and is still smarting from a real beating by Strawn, which is about as bad as it gets in Longhornville Stephenville Faith still will have a hard time with the horns. Gordon takes out their frustrations out on SF and win by 24