Rogue's Fearless Football Picks

Breckenridge vs Muleshoe – Last year I lived only 15 miles from Muleshoe. This will be a huge challenge for the Bucks. Muleshoe attracts most of the really good athletes from the surrounding school districts to their football program. Player good in Jr high, they transfer in before HS Muleshoe has good speed and size, but lack one thing that the Bucks have, and that is character. Call it a gut feeling, I am picking the Bucks by 6

Strawn vs Trinidad – After an early season slow start, The Hounds have been rolling. Many didn’t take Strawn this year seriously, which they did to their own peril. The resurgent Hounds will roll over Trinidad this week by 30

Throckmorton vs St Joe – Throckmorton 45em

Albany vs. Stratford – The streaks continues Albany by 11.

Wylie vs. Alvarado – Abilene Wylie will loose big.

Abilene vs. Coronado – Eagles soar and move on by 19.

Cooper vs.Tascosa – Cougars roll win by 23

Calvert vs Iredell – With most area teams out, here is the pick for my school “Calvert”. We had a hard time last week with a turnover with one every second half possession. We still managed to win. This week we win by 28.