Rogue’s Fearless Football Picks

fridaynightfootball-150x150Cisco Vs Hawley; More meat for the Pack of Lobos.(Canis lupus). Should be not much left of Hawley after the Lobos feed.

Eastland Vs Merkle:This is a big one , they appear evenly matched. Eastland tends to fold in big games. If they win , it means the playoffs. I am not convinced that the Mavs are ready for prime time. They fall by 14

Ranger vs Santo: The Dawgs keep improving. Both teams are winless. Ranger won’t be after this one. Ranger by 11

Gorman vs Tolar: If you are a Panther Fan, save the $3.00 to get into this one. It will be ugly.Tolar dislikes Gorman, so no mercy, Rattlers by 40+

Gordon vs Rising Star: Horns have faced a tough year, this one they have good chance in. Horns by 7

Breckenridge vs Abilene Wylie; Not good, I really dislike the playing with the numbers and that AW coach sits on the board that decides the cut off line for enrollment. Seems that they are always just under the line. That kind of &^^%#$ gives Texas football a black eye. Anyone who believes that AW should be 3A like Breckenridge is likely to believe in the Easter Bunny too. AW by alot.

Ballinger vs Grape Creek: Bearcatville is still in disarray, They have talent but lack leadership. They win this one. Last victory of a disappointing year. Ballinger by 14