Rogue's Fearless Football Picks

Cisco vs Comanche – The Lobos are stumbling and are not playing up to their potential. If they do not get on track this week, it is going to be a very long season. I am still a believer, but a little shaken by the Lobos play. The Lobos are back on track and win by 24.

Eastland vs Hamilton – This week’s opponent wiped out a pretty good 1A Meridian team 41-0. I am not convinced that the bulldogs are the real deal. The Mavs needs to win this one to keep the momentum they have going. The inconsistency that has plagued the Mavs in recent years is still very much a danger. Many are picking the dogs to win but I feel barring a melt down, that the Mavs win by 12.

Ranger vs Krum – Wow, last week I went against almost everybody and picked the Dawgs. They stepped up and did what many thought they couldn’t. This week they are on the road and face the Krum Bobcats. The bad news for the Cats is that the Dawgs have had a taste of blood and I predict cat parts all over Bobcat field as The Dawgs maul the Cats by 30-6

Breckenridge vs Bangs – The Dragons are always tough and last week best Llano by two touch downs. The Bucks have been having their way in 2A. This week will be a little tougher, but not by much. Bucks by 17.

Strawn vs Irving Universal – The Hounds are not the team that we have seen in past years. This may be a long year for Strawn, but this week they 45 Irvin U.

Gordon vs Kopperl – The undefeated Horns face the winless Eagles. Need I say more? I am not convinced the Horns are the real deal yet, but they win big this week 57-12.