Rogue's Fearless Football Picks for Nov 6

Cisco vs Merkel: The Lobos dispatched Eastland without much trouble, ripping the Mav’s Swiss Cheese defense for 75. But their defense was not dominating either, allowing 54. Defense wins championships, a fact the Lobos best heed as they move out of a relatively easy district to face much tougher teams down the road. This week they win by 30

Eastland vs Clyde: The battle with Cisco wasn’t as close as I had predicted. Clyde has a good offense but Eastland has a much better one. Coaching at Eastland has moved the team to a higher level, while the lack of quality supportive coaching at Clyde has really hurt them. Eastland’s big problem is their weak defense, which allows a lot of points. Eastland has a high powered offense; if they can move their defense up a couple of levels then they can go far in the playoffs. If not it will be a short ride.. They win this one easy by 24.

Ranger vs Tolar: The improving Ranger team will be ripped by the not so nice Tolar Rattlers. Though the season will be winless I see an improving team that kept gaining ground. Next year they have a foundation to build on. Dawgs fall by 40

Rising Star vs May :This game would have been much more interesting had the Cats won last week. They had a good year loosing mostly to very tough teams. The star seems to be rising in Wildcatville. A good foundation has been laid in a very tough district. They finish district with a big win , Turning the lights out early by 45

Gorman vs Deleon: The Panthers face their archenemy and will be massacred. The new coaching staff, though suspect is not totally to blame for the dismal. Season .The former AD left the program in shambles after leading one of Gorman’s most talented classes in years to a 500 mark in 2008 and not managing to beat anyone with a winning record. The school had a hard time attracting quality coaches, one AD resigning only 3 days after a inside view of the program. They lost quality players to transfers out and the total enrolment has kept up its steady decline. This years results will not sit well in a District that has placed football above all, including academics for sometime. This week is the end to a long sad season. Pathers fall by 50

Gordon vs Blanket : This years campaign has brought new meaning to the word disaster. The team has fallen from a state contender to winless. With a long tradition of excellence in both sports and academics this performance is not likely to go unnoticed in the land of black and gold. Look for a new direction next year. Horns fall by 24

Strawn vs Gustine: The Tigers are a good football team, but not in the same class as Strawn, The Hounds tune up for the playoffs and win by 30

Ballinger vs Jim Ned: The bearcats lack leadership from Administration down continues to ravish a once proud program. JN by 37

Breckenridge vs Graham: This one is too painful to comment on. Good chance that the Bucks will be 2A next year. Not good news for Cisco, Eastland, Clyde etc. Graham by a lot.