Rogue’s Fearless Football Picks Sept 17

September 17

Cisco v Bangs – Last week the Loboes got back on track, but their victory over Comanche was not a blowout. This week they face a somewhat weak Bangs team. Time for the Loboes to start rolling or this may just be an off year. Loboes should win by a lot. Cisco by 27

Eastland v Millsap – The Mavs riding a two game winning streak should run all over Millsap. The victory last week by Millsap over Deleon was only by 10, far from impressive. They did blow out Dublin by 56, but the Moran JV could have done that, so, no great accomplishment. The Mavs should roll by 36

Breckenridge v Bowie – The undefeated Bucks face their toughest challenge to date. The Jackrabbits have blown out Jacksboro and Childress. The game is in Bowie which will make this a tougher game. Many pun dents are still picking against the Bucks, which I say they do at their own peril. The Bucks are the real deal and this game will silence their critics. In a hard fought game, Bucks by 14

Ranger v Deleon – Last week the Dawgs scored a lot of points but fell. This week they face a very tough Bearcat team. Sadly the Dawgs are in for a rough time of it, as winning this one will be really tough. I hope I am wrong, Bearcats by 35:

Gorman v Perrin Whitt – The Panthers offense has been fair at best and their defense has been horrid. They have yet to face a half way competent team this year. This week it won’t matter as they play a very weak Perrin Whitt team at home. Panthers get a rare win by 17

Gordon v Bryson – Well this game will tell if the Horns are back. Bryson is tough and this will be a true test. They are at home which will help. The Horns have come a long way, but I am not sure that they are up to the challenge. Bryson by 21

Strawn v Mullin – The Bulldogs are not as strong as their record indicates. The hounds have fallen on hard times this year, but there is still a winning tradition. I am not ready to bury them yet. Upset special, Strawn awakens and wins by 21