Rogue's Fearless Football Picks Week 4

Eastland v Dublin – This is not a hard one. The Mavs are rolling and Dublin has not reached the page in the play book that says “it is ok to hit someone in football” This will be a massacre. Mavs totally dominate by 48

Cisco v Hamilton – I keep waiting for the Loboes to get on track and they keep losing. Well this is district, so it is now or never. Loboes by 9

Ranger v Chico – The Dawgs have been playing decent football, but still lack consistency. The Dawgs win this one big, Ranger by 30

Gorman v Menard – This should be interesting, Menard is not very good, Neither are the Panthers. A celebration of mediocrity at Brogdon Field. Panthers fall by 2

Breckenridge v Godley – I would like to think the Bucks will win this one, but Godley beat Clyde by 57-0. So I have to go against the Bucks this week. They put up a fight , but fall by 13

Strawn v Gordon – Six months ago I would have said that the Hounds win in a blowout. They will be at home, which is a big plus. But The Horns a have played better quality teams to this point. This will be a great game and could go either way.. This is just a hunch, Horns by 2

Ballinger v Brady – It has been a hard season thus far for the Bearcats, They face a Brady team that has beaten some pretty good teams. The game is on the road , which makes it even tougher. Bearcats fall by by 21