Rogue's Fearless Playoff Picks

rane (11-1) vs. Cisco (12-0) Is this the week I pick against Cisco, Not a chance! The Lobo’s live on! The golden Cranes haven’t been up against a team like Cisco in a long time.We are down to four teams that have a realistic chance to win it all, Newton, Daingerfield, Bushland and Cisco. One of these four I predict will be state Champions. This week Lobos by 17

Albany (12-0) vs. Muenster (9-3) Albany should have little trouble in this one. I predict it will come down to Albany and Canadian for the Champs. They win this week big by 30

Goldthwaite (12-0) vs. Junction (8-4) Goldthwaite has one of the best programs in the state. What I like best about them is that they are good in the classroom too. Very smart , well coached team. Junction will never know what hits them. Eagles by 30

Richland Springs (11-1) vs. Strawn (11-1) This will be a great match up. For weeks allot of smack has been being talked. And this one is going to be a smack down! Hounds win in a close one by 6

Throckmorton (11-0) vs. Garden City (11-1) This will also be a rough one. Throckmorton has crushed everything in their path. GC is capable of beating them , but I don’t see it. The winner wins state! Throckmorton by 10