Rogue's Fearless Playoff Picks

10232965_240X180Holliday (8-2) vs. Cisco (10-0) I see this as a dangerous game for the Lobos.
The Lobos have been playing sub par as of late , even though they have won. Only by 6 last week. Holliday should have beat Henrietta, so they are hungry. Cisco best refocus or this is going to end badly. Lobos in a dog fight by 3.

Henrietta (10-0) vs. Eastland (6-4)The pundents are picking Henrietta big. I beg to differ. The Mavs can score and score big. Their defense has been slow to catch up, but appear to finally be coming up to speed. Henrietta is 10-0 but played a weak schedule. Mavs gelling = Upset special. This will be high scoring affair, Which the Mavs win by three touchdowns.

Roscoe (6-4) vs. Albany (10-0) Roscoe has played a tough scheldual to get ready for this moment. But Albany is just too good. Albany by 24

Abilene (9-0) vs. Arlington Lamar (6-4) Eagles big! Abilene by 30+

Rochelle (9-1) vs. Strawn (9-1)Rochelle is not nearly as good as they think they are, the Hounds Roll! By 21

Dumas (4-6) vs. Abilene Cooper (7-3)Cougs crush the big Ding Dong Daddys from Dumus by 35

FW Polytechnic (6-4) vs. Stephenville (8-2) Yellow jackets Shows FWP what football is all about. Stephenville by 30

Goldthwaite (10-0) vs. Thorndale (8-2) Great matchup, but Eagles soar!!Eagles by 21

Colorado City (9-1) vs. Comanche (8-2) Upset special Indians in a close one, by 2