iSanta – Santa Meets The Information Age

santa_computerRemember when you used to write a letter to Santa, then send it off in the mail never knowing if Santa received it or not?   Remember how the only way to make contact with Santa was to stand in line at the local department store?   Well no longer is that the case.  Santa has all the latest technology and now you can contact him several ways on the world wide web! gives you the opportunity to fill out a form that emails Santa with all your information and wish list.  Santa then takes the time to email you a nice looking letter responding to your requests.   

Virtual Santa is a site to get your questions answered.  Each day Santa has a new message and there is a drop down list of pre-set questions you can ask.  There is a spot of fill in your own question but I found this feature probably shouldn’t have been offered.  It’s limited answers are too vague and tend to miss the mark of sounding like Santa actually can see what you are asking.

You can watch webcams of Santa, but the live version is only available in our timezone between 2 a.m. and 9 a.m.

The has all sorts of activities for the kids.

My favorite is a link given to us by Spinster, go2momteam, on   PNP, or Portable North Pole Communication Center, is a 5 step set up process allowing you to fill in information, including a short wish list, whether they were naughty or nice and uploading a picture.  A link is then given to a video of Santa using that information to make a personalized message.  Loading of the video was a little slow, but well worth the wait.

NORAD tracks Santa every year and you can watch the countdown clock, which we are using on our front page, and on Christmas Eve you can keep up with what part of the world Santa is visiting.  There are also games available in Santa’s Village.

Although it is just a few days until Christmas, with the internet it’s never too late to contact Santa.   Have a Merry Christmas!