Shirley Stuart 2009 'Municipal Clerk of the Year'

shirley stuartEastland City Secretary Shirley Stuart has recently received high honors by the regional Texas Municipal Clerks Association.

Stuart, who has served as City Secretary for the City of Eastland since 1999 was voted Municipal Clerk of the Year by the Bluebonnet Chapter of the TMCA at their December Regional meeting.

The Bluebonnet Chapter, one of 16 in the TMCA, and where Stuart currently serves as president, consists of some 25 paid city memberships including Cisco and Ranger.

Stuart joins the ranks of area past winners of Susie Quinn in 1995 as City of Eastland City Secretary, Art Camacho of Ranger in 2002 and Virginia Dill with the City of Cisco in 2007.

“Shirley is an institution here at City Hall,” said Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday, “and we appreciate her dedication to her duties and are glad others have recognized her as well.”

Texas Municipal Clerks Association, Inc., is a professional organization dedicated to serving the demands of excellence in Texas’ local government and public problem-solving.

The Association’s principal missions are to motivate Texas city clerks and city secretaries to become leaders in their fields of governance and to provide an educational program for the beginning and career city clerk and city secretary to meet the highest standards of functional competence and ethical sensitivity.

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