Strawn Fire Guts Buildings

While Reese Sparks was in Abilene preparing to announce the Strawn Greyhound vs. Garden City state championship game, he was on the phone with his wife who was keeping him updated on the raging fire that was destroying her business back in Strawn.   Saturday evening the ‘Strawn Strip’ was engulfed in fire and at the end of the night, only the shell of a building remained.  Destroyed in the fire was the Strawn House of Flowers and Greyhound Tees and Designs.  The lack of firefighters, due to most of the town being at the state championship game,  and Strawn having had some water lines break earlier in the day causing a shortage of water, created a situation that made this fire hard to get under control.   The fire which started about 5:30 p.m. still had firefighters on the scene at midnight.  Several times on Sunday the Strawn Fire Dept. had to respond to flare ups in the building.

This is the third fire the Strawn House of Flowers has had to cope with in the past several years.  Strawn House of Flowers was leasing their original location when a fire in the back room gutted that brick building about 3 years ago this month.  After that fire they re-opened in another retail space and a month to the day after the first fire, the hair salon in the back of the building caught fire, gutting that building and causing extensive smoke damage to their new location.  They then had the opportunity to purchase the building just a couple of doors down and have now had to face another holiday dealing with the rubble created by fire.  The cause of the fire is not known at this time.



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