Texas Slim’s U.S.O Tour November 5 & 7

USO-showPerhaps you have seen some publicity regarding the upcoming Texas Slim’s U.S.O. Tour to be presented on November 5 and 7.  If not, please read the little piece below.

From our biased perch, we believe there are several reasons we think it is appropriate for everyone to try to get behind this production.

1. Raising funds for this project is good for Eastland. It will help stem the tide of decay around the Courthouse Square and raise awareness for us all to pitch in to try to help in some way.

2. Restoration of the Lyric Theatre will provide a venue for community productions of all sorts including, everyone hopes, school projects and/or projects involving EISD kids.

3. The restoration plan for the west side of the Square also includes buildings adjacent to the Lyric. The ultimate product will include an art gallery that will become a real amenity for the Square and bring visitors to town to help feed our economy.

4. There’s some history to be absorbed here too. World War II is vivid for the older generation but, it’s a pretty foreign subject for younger folks. This show will hopefully pique some interests.

5. The important sub-theme of the show is “A Salute to America’s Veterans”, a group of people who cannot be thanked enough for their contributions to our country.

6. It will be fun !!  There are lots of talented people in our community who are working hard to put on an enjoyable show.  If we want these kinds of opportunities to continue in our town, these sorts of efforts need to be supported.  Any person(s) or entity that buys ten tickets or more will be listed as a show sponsor in publicity that will be generated.   Hope to see you on the 5th or the 7th!


On the evening of November 5 or 7, upon moving through a magic portal in Eastland, Texas you will pass through a time/space/matter continuum and will be immediately transported to Eastland Island, a small coral atoll in the South Pacific. It will be November, 1944, World War II is winding down and you have been magically transformed into one of “the boys”.  You are tired, homesick, scared and wanting to get the war behind you and get back home to a normal life.

Excitement is high on the island, however, due to the star studded General Texas Slim’s U.S.O. Show about to be performed right before your very eyes.  You are about to see and hear The Andrews Sisters, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Danny Kaye, Mickey Rooney, Carmen Miranda and other big name early 1940’s stars.  The very special entertainer will be the number one pin-up girl of WW II, none other than Betty Grable herself!

All proceeds from the show will be funneled into restoration of the historic Lyric Theatre on the west side of Eastland’s Courthouse Square. Tickets are only $10 and any purchaser of ten or more tickets will be listed as an underwriter of the show in pre and post show publicity.

We hope to see you on either November 5 or 7 beginning each night at 7 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Center of the First Baptist Church of Eastland.  You will be impressed by the talent residing in our little town and a good time is guaranteed !!