Thanksgiving Prayer

by Wanda Lee Beck Skinner ©

How do I begin to count my thanks?
I open my eyes and see many amazing things.
God has placed me high in His precious ranks.
I open my mouth to eat, to speak and to sing.
I am awed by the contentment this makes.
I see my hands, pick up pen and begin to write.
I can choose to write things to encourage others today.
Or maybe things that give others a fright.
My feet are dependable as they go along the way.
I am so blessed by knowing God holds my plight.
My heart beats at a steady pace and rate.
I never consider the tasks it has been assigned.
My mind seems to take no rest but works early and late.
Often causing me more with Him to be aligned.
Working to bring me to a place beyond great.
My ears are so important with what they impart.
I hear sounds that can bring joy, peace and grace.
My soul has been given to Jesus Christ the Lord.
He is my creator, Savior and sets my pace.
His word is sharp and sure like a two-edged sword.
My Thanksgiving pray will never find an end.