The Cisco Food Pantry had a wonderful 2009

The Cisco Food Pantry had a wonderful 2009.  People have been generous with their time and their money.  We have always had good volunteers to help on distribution days,many who have given food items, many who have given money so that we always have our shelves stocked and some have shared fresh produce from their gardens.  There is no way we can know everyone who contributes to the CFP—those who give to the food drives and those who put in the drop containers at the churches and at the Civic League meetings, etc.

The following names make up a partial list of those who have supported the Food Pantry during the year 2009:  Cisco Musical Volunteers, Cisco AARP # 2447, Holy Rosary Catholic Church, Wanda Toler, Carol Cavender, Joe & Janella Jarvis, Kimbrough Funeral Home, Hillside Village Quilters, Robin Wylie, Cisco Welfare, Wanda West, Hilda Wright, Rick & Karen Allen, First Christian ChurchWomen’s Sunday School Class, Joyce Fairbank, M/M Royce Ingram, Manning Davis, First United Methodist Church, Knights of Columbus, St. Barbara Council, Kenneth & Pat Deitiker, O. Coffman, Ema Snell, John & Paula Hutt, M/M John Bailey, Bruce & Ginger Stovall, Norma Hunsaker, Charles & Diann Wetsel,Diz & Joan Howell, Phyllis Graham, David Phillips, M/M Richard Hill, M/M Bret Lee, Roland & Jean Strobel, Ruth Heidenheimer, First Baptist Church Vacation Bible School, Mary Austin,  Wayne & Nedelene Speegle, The Open Door, Dorothy McCune, Gerald & Francille Winnett, Ruth Hart, Drew Dan & Bertie Jackson, Assenbly of Yahwah (7th Day), Ronnie O’Quin, Barbara Callaway, Ruth Hart, Walt Wilkerson, Jr. & the young men at Mel’s School, Joey & Ruth York, Eddie and Youvonne McMillan Ins. and staff, CHS Ag Department and Ag Boosters, Norris & Marie Starr, Cisco Post Office Employees, Brookshires, Mr. “ H” & employees, and First Baptist Church.

Volunteers on distribution days:  Mary Bailey, Francille Winnett, Crystal Rose, Wayne & Nedelene Speegle, Jay, Cathleen, Dona & Michael Grace, Ginger Stovall, Asia & Ri York, Tori, Andi, & Morgan Wilks.

Because of the generosity of the above people, the Cisco Food Pantry was able to distribute food to 614 families (1,904 persons) during the 2009 year.

Directors:  Harriett Collins
Ilene Cotton
Joey York
Sharon Sellers
Martha Davis