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The Proposal
Rated PG-13 for sexual content, nudity and language.

When high-powered book editor Margaret faces deportation to her native Canada, the quick-thinking exec declares that she’s actually engaged to her unsuspecting put-upon assistant Andrew, who she’s tormented for years. He agrees to participate in the charade, but with a few conditions of his own. The unlikely couple heads to Alaska to meet his quirky family and the always-in-control city girl finds herself in one comedic fish-out-of-water situation after another. With an impromptu wedding in the works and an immigration official on their tails, Margaret and Andrew reluctantly vow to stick to the plan despite the precarious consequences.

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(2009) (Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds) (PG-13)

Blood/Gore Disrespectful/
Bad Attitude
Tense Scenes
Mild Minor Heavy Moderate None
Mild None Minor Moderate Moderate
Smoking Tense Family
Topics To
Talk About
Extreme None Heavy Moderate Minor

Romantic Comedy: After ordering him to marry her to avoid being deported back to Canada, a demanding publishing editor and her long-suffering personal assistant have one weekend to get to know each other to convince an immigration official that their romance is true.

Margaret Tate (SANDRA BULLOCK) is such a feared editor-in-chief at a NYC publishing firm that most of her staff takes cover or runs the other way whenever she passes by. That is, except for Andrew Paxton (RYAN REYNOLDS), her personal assistant for the past three years who takes her abuse in hopes of getting his own work published. But things change after she fires Bob Spaulding (AASIF MANDVI) for failing to do his job up to her standards. And that’s because her visa has expired and she’s to be deported back to Canada where she won’t be able to return for a year or telework for an American company.

Desperate for a quick solution, she suddenly announces to her bosses that she and Andrew are engaged, much to the latter’s surprise, although he plays along with the unexpected ruse. That includes going down to the local immigration office where they encounter Mr. Gilbertson (DENIS O’HARE), a marriage fraud investigator who’s suspicious of their reported engagement.

With just a weekend to prepare for an examination by Mr. Gilbertson that he thinks will expose their fraud — and thus result in Margaret’s deportation and Andrew’s imprisonment — the “couple” head to Sitka, Alaska to celebrate the 90th birthday of his Grandma Annie (BETTY WHITE).

Having heard horror stories about Margaret, she and Andrew’s parents, Grace (MARY STEENBURGEN) and Joe (CRAIG T. NELSON), are surprised he’s brought his boss along for the party, and are then floored — as is Andrew’s ex-girlfriend, Gertrude (MALIN AKERMAN) — upon learning of the engagement.

While Grace and Annie quickly warm to the idea, including taking Margaret to their version of a bachelorette party with the small town’s lone exotic dancer, Ramone (OSCAR NUÑEZ), Joe is suspicious, no doubt fueled by the father and son not seeing eye to eye for some time now. From that point on, and despite not really liking each other, Margaret and Andrew then begin to have a change of heart as they continue their ruse as an engaged couple.

If they’re fans of romantic comedies and/or anyone in the cast, it’s a good bet they will.

For sexual content, nudity and language.

  • SANDRA BULLOCK plays a steely, demanding and much-feared editor-in-chief at a publishing firm who orders Andrew to marry her — to avoid being deported back to Canada — or else loose his job. She initially has a condescending attitude toward Andrew, his family and everything to do with Sitka, but all of that is a front to mask her insecurities and eventually fades as she finds herself unwinding and falling for Andrew. She uses some profanity.
  • RYAN REYNOLDS plays her long-suffering personal assistant who puts up with her demands and behavior in hopes of getting his own work published someday. After she blackmails him into the fake marriage and he goes along with that to keep his job despite the potential jail time for fraud, he turns the tables on her a bit. He has a strained relationship with his father and finds himself falling for Margaret. He uses some profanity.
  • MARY STEENBURGEN plays Andrew’s mom who quickly warms to the idea of the pending nuptials, but is displeased that her husband isn’t supportive of their son. She briefly drinks.
  • CRAIG T. NELSON plays Andrew’s dad who’s shocked by and suspicious of his son’s surprise engagement, leading to further father-son tension between the two. He drinks a little.
  • BETTY WHITE plays Andrew’s hip 90-year-old grandmother who’s enthusiastic about her grandson’s pending nuptials, including that of their sex life.
  • DENIS O’HARE plays an immigration investigator who’s sure Margaret and Andrew are faking their engagement to prevent her pending deportation, and thus sets out to prove that fraud (and does so with glee).
  • MALIN AKERMAN plays Andrew’s ex-girlfriend who still lives in Sitka.
  • OSCAR NUÑEZ plays Sitka’s lone exotic dancer who performs for Margaret at her bachelorette party, but also serves several other roles in the small town.

    Here’s a quick look at the content found in this romantic comedy that’s been rated PG-13. Profanity consists of at least 2 “s” words, while other expletives and colorful phrases are also uttered, and some song lyrics might be offensive to some viewers.Sexually related dialogue is present, a woman is twice seen fully nude save for barely covering her crotch and chest areas with her hand & arm, while she also runs into a fully nude man in that same state (both bare butts are viewed, but no genitals). A male stripper is seen doing his thing (played for comedy), there’s a reference to an unseen erection while a couple cuddles in bed, and there’s some other sexual and bodily related humor.

    A few scenes (a dog in danger, a woman falling overboard a boat, a grandmother seemingly having a heart attack) might be unsettling and/or suspenseful to some viewers. Some behavior might be enticing for some kids to imitate.

    Drinking occurs in several scenes, there’s a tiny bit of crude humor, and some bad attitudes are present, including breaking the law as well as those related to tense family material.

    If you’re still concerned about the film and its appropriateness for yourself or anyone else in your home who may be interested in seeing it, we suggest that you take a closer look at our detailed listings for more specific information regarding the film’s content.

    For those prone to visually induced motion sickness, there’s briefly some bouncy camerawork showing POV footage going through a woods-based bicycle course.