Town Stunned by Sexual Teacher-Student Accusations

Reported by: Michelle Ashworth

Billy McKinney, 32, was placed on administrative leave on Wednesday by Cross Plains ISD before resigning on Thursday, the same day the investigation began.

“I’m in shock, I really am because I just don’t believe it,” said Miranda Willis, who knows McKinney.

According to the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office, McKinney allegedly had sexual encounters with female students in Carbon, TX. Today McKinney turned himself in on multiple charges of sexual assault of a child and of an improper relationship between an educator and student. Despite the allegations, Mitchell says McKinney was well thought of in the community.

“(He was) very popular, highly though of, very well respected, it kinda came as a shock to all of us,” said Mitchell.

There were some people in town who said they’d heard some less then flattering comments circle about McKinney before this week.

“You never know what you’re getting here when you hire somebody, in the past what they’re like what they’ve done,” said Cross Plains resident, Gail Ransdell.

Willis also knows some of the girls involved in the case, and says the whole incident is unbelievable.

“I know they’re in sports.  I go to church with one of them she’s a really good kid I just don’t understand it,” said Willis.

Investigators told KTAB that they believe it was a one time incident, but are continuing to look into the case.