Traffic Flow at City Park for Splash Day and Beyond

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT for all citizens who plan to attend SPLASH DAY at the City Swimming Pool on FRIDAY, MAY 28, 2010 to BE AWARE of a disruption of the normal traffic flow around the park for the entire summer!

Due to the construction work on the new water tower, the area within the immediate vicinity of the construction site will be closed off to all non involved traffic and persons.
Therefore, traffic detours will be in place beginning at the park entrance on the south end of Neblett and High Streets.

PLEASE be observant of ALL Traffic signs as well as flagmen directing traffic on Friday and for the next several months as this project continues.

Persons entering along Neblett will be directed to either continue around the west side of the park for Park activities and those wishing to enter the pool area will be directed to proceed against the normal traffic flow in an easterly direction in front of the Senior Citizens Center and on around to the pool parking area.

PLEASE NOTE: During this entire construction time, normal one way traffic flow may be converted to two way traffic from the Neblett entry to the pool and back out to Neblett. Traffic will also be converted to two way from the parking area on the west side of the water tower back around to High and Valley Streets.

“We ask citizens to use extreme caution in the Park area,” said City Manager Ron Holliday, “and if they will follow the directions of  temporary signs, as well as observing the commands from any traffic directing personnel, we should have no ill effects from the construction work. We encourage everyone to make use of the park and the pool this summer, and don’t let the construction work deter any of your plans.”

Holliday also reports there will be heavy equipment and vehicles entering and exiting the
construction zone and everyone should be extra cautious of this movement.

For more information on this or any other City project, please contact City Hall at 629-3349.