Update on Eastland County poison locations

MPN has been informed that the information given out previously about the location of the peanut fields where Temik was mixed with corn to kill hogs, needs to be corrected and updated.  There is one site that has had ground samples sent in and confirmed to have been contaminated.   This location is south of Cisco, 3/10 west of Hwy 183 on CR 173.   The location at Hwy 206 and FM 569 is suspect but has not been confirmed as a poison site. Map

It was discovered that a group of peanut growers leasing land in Eastland County had been putting out corn mixed with Temik to kill hogs.  The peanut growers have not been cooperating with authorities and it is known that they have land leased in other places.  Authorities are in the process of trying to find out what lands they have leased and if they have used this method in other locations.  We will update information as soon as it is released.

Chances are very small that a human could be affected by eating the meat of an animal that has ingested a small amount of Aldicarb.    The poison is potent, fast acting, and metabolized quickly, so an animal who has eaten any of the poison would be killed quickly or could be staggering and look sick.    It is recommended that anyone hunting within a 4-5 mile radius of  Hwy 183 & CR 173 not eat the meat of any game killed.  Any deer or game that is stumbling or appears sick should also be avoided.

Archery season is open now and ends November 6.  Rifle season opens Saturday, November 7 and ends January 3.