Volunteers needed for the Economic Development Corporation

RANGER – The City of Ranger recently had an election where YOU the citizens of Ranger decided to have a Type “B” Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in conjunction with the Type “A” that we currently have in place.  This is where YOU the citizens are needed; the City of Ranger will need volunteers to help conduct the business of the Type “B” EDC Board.  The Type “B” EDC Board will be utilizing a 7-member board.  We are early in the process but do not want to wait too long to get the Type “B” Board going.  I am calling on the citizens of the City of Ranger to step forward and serve your community. Please send a short introduction letter or come by for a short application form and send to the Mayor and City Commissioners at City Hall telling us why you would be interested in serving on the EDC.  Board members serve at the pleasure of the City Council and can be removed at any time, they are appointed for terms up to two years and they may be reappointed.  For more information on qualifications, please contact the Ranger EDC (254) 647-3910 or the City Administrator at City Hall (254) 647-3522.