URGENT Water Notice!

Water conservation order in effect.  No watering of lawns, washing cars or other non-essential uses of water.

The City of Eastland is under a voluntary water restriction at this time due to a break in the main water supply line from the Eastland County Water Supply District.

Currently water is flowing through the weekend to the city in attempts to fill both water storage towers. Once full, the main line will be turned off and no additional water will be pumped to the city until the repair is completed. Repairs are scheduled to being on Monday, August 16.

It is very important that the two tanks get filled before Monday as this will be the only water source for the city until the repair is complete.

The city is asking for everyone’s cooperation in conserving water until this crisis is over. Please only use water that is absolutely necessary and not for watering lawns, washing cars, etc.
Remember, the water you use unnecessarily could be the water you or your neighbor could use to drink before the repair is made.