Water Line Has Been Repaired

As of 3:18 p.m. today, Tuesday, August 17, 2010, the repairs to the main water line to the City of Eastland have been completed according to the Eastland County Water Supply District.

This leak, discovered early last week, caused great concerns to not only the ECWSD, but to the City of Eastland officials, as this line is the only connection between the water filtration plant and the city. In essence, the lifeline to the City of Eastland’s drinking water supply.

Eastland officials began requesting residents curtail any unnecessary water usage such as lawn watering and car washing over the next few days until the city storage tanks could be filled in anticipation of a repair.

It was soon realized the repair could not be made immediately and the voluntary restrictions were extended until today, when they are lifted, after the successful repair to the line.

The City of Eastland, and Eastland County Water Supply District would like to thank everyone who acknowledged the issue and refrained from using water in wasteful ways.

At this time the voluntary restriction request is being lifted and citizens may resume their normal water use.