Weather Alerts During Baseball and Softball Season

Eastland – With spring time comes not only baseball, softball and t-ball, but also the threat of severe weather.

In a recent meeting of the Eastland Youth Sports Advisory Board, (formerly the Eastland Parks Board), members discussed at length with city officials how to deal with severe weather threats during games at the City Baseball / Softball Complex. All parties heartily agreed that safety of participants and spectators takes precedence over all else.

Utilizing real time weather radar monitoring and emergency notification equipment at the Eastland Fire and Police Departments, a message will be mass dialed to all coaches when the radar detects a potentially dangerous storm within a 30 mile range of Eastland.

Once a potentially dangerous storm is detected within a distance of 10 miles from the city, the city’s audible alert system (siren) located at the Precinct 1 barn, and closest to the ball fields, will sound.

All games will then be immediately called off and the ball park area will be cleared as quickly as possible and closed.

The Advisory Board urges all participants and spectators to heed these advisory precautions.