Westbound Water Supply Corp Meeting

Notice is hereby given, as prescribed by the Open Meetings-Open Records Act; the Directors of Westbound Water Supply Corporation will convene in an open meeting November 8, 2010 at 6:00 pm in the Corporation office 201 East 8th Street, Cisco, Texas

The Board of Directors may discuss deliberate and take all appropriate action on any matter listed on the Agenda. Items on this Agenda may be taken out of the order listed. The Board reserves the right to deliberate in closed session pursuant to § 551 of the Texas Government Code. If convened in closed session, the section authorizing the closed session will be announced prior to convening in closed session.

  1. Establish a Quorum
  2. Call Meeting to order
  3. Approve Minutes
  4. Person(s) wishing to approach the Board of Directors – At this time, anyone on the list will be allowed to speak for a length of time not to exceed FIVE minutes. No action may take place on a matter until such matter has been placed on an agenda and posted in accordance with law.
  • a. Eddie Wright
  • b. Tommy Ames
  • c. George Collier
  1. Regular business – Monthly Reports
  2. Current bills presented for payment
  3. Executive Session:
  4. Reconvene from Executive Session and take action
  5. Unfinished Business: Act on tabled business
  6. New Business:
  • a. Office and Personnel policies and procedures
  • b. Search committee for new board member
  • c. Discuss high water bills of customers
  • d. Meter Readings
  • e. Roof on office and shop building

Announcement of next meeting and location: December 13, 2010 at Westbound Water Supply Corporation.

Any of the above and foregoing agenda items, which require action, may be acted upon by the Board of Directors.

Posted November 3, 2010 _______________________

Butch Bonine