Where Are The Encouraging Words?

Today I encourage you to say encouraging words to someone who has done a favor for you in the past few days. Often we forget those things until we need that favor once again.

Do not lose the gift and art of appreciation from your life. We should show appreciation every day instead of waiting until one special day such as Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Birthday.

Maybe a good beginning is to think of family members who regularly are there to meet your needs. I am not talking about financially needs rather all types of needs such as a nice smile, a listening ear and helping hand with tasks that one person cannot do. Try to show appreciation to them even though many of them have gone to their eternal reward. Your say, “How can I do that?” My answer, “Live in a way that others remember them and their lives of caring for other people.” One very important thing father’s give their children is their name, honor that name.
Suppose that you had been paid ten cents for every kind and encouraging word said to others and that you had to pay ten cents for every unkind and discouraging word you had said to another. Ask yourself, “Would I be rich, break even or be in poverty?”