Where will Kong be the week of May 3?

Kong Project Stretches City Wide

Some 6 months in and the major utility project dubbed King Kong continues to be felt throughout the city.

And this week the work continues on with the installation of the 12” main water line along West Plummer. Travelers and residents should be aware of periodic one block street closures from Madera east towards Daugherty. Additional boring crews will be present along West Plummer from Ammerman to Daugherty.

Crews will be installing taps on the new 12” line installed along Daugherty between Commerce and Plummer (in front of Eastland Memorial Hospital) and on West Valley from South Daugherty to South Dixie.

Capping and plugging of the existing 6” and 8” mains will take place at the South College and West Commerce intersections. Please watch for lane closures in this area.

Along South Seaman tie-ins from the existing main lines to the new line will begin. Residents should be aware of road closure as well as service interruptions that could last up to 6 hours in the area.

Services in the 1000 block of South Seaman will be connected to the new main the following week.

Work will also begin on Weaver St., east of States St. , and at the northeast corner of the Neblett/Plummer intersection for installation of pressure valves.

Please remember when travelling in these ‘construction’ areas to be on the alert and watch for crew members as well as heavy equipment.     For questions or comments please contact Eastland City Hall at 629-3349.