Wrapping up the year with a Blue Moon

bluemoonWe know from the way the phrase “once in a blue moon” is used, that it must be something rare, and depending on the definition, it is either rare or very rare.   The typical definition of a blue moon is the 2nd full moon in one month.  This is what is happening tonight.  Then you add that tonight is New Year’s Eve, and you have something even rarer.  Now I don’t think it will really appear to be blue, which is even rarer since the blue cast is typically caused by some volcanic eruption or huge fire, but it’s still worth stopping and looking at.   A 2nd full moon in a month occurs just once every 2.7 years.  The last blue moon to shine on New Year’s Eve was 19 years ago, in 1990.   The next blue moon on New Year’s Eve won’t be until December, 2028.    So whether you are in a romantic mood, a werewolf, or just someone who enjoys rare sky events,  take a moment to look up and take in the glow, after all, this only happens once in a blue moon.

Here are the dates of future blue moons:

  • 2009: December 2, December 31
  • 2012: August 2, August 31
  • 2015: July 2, July 31
  • 2028: December 31