Youth Sports Advisory Board Prepares For 2010 Season

Eastland – During a regular monthly meeting of the Eastland Youth Sports Advisory Board, (formerly the Eastland Parks Board), members discussed with city officials and league officials of preparations for the upcoming 2010 ball season.

Board members present were Glenn Copeland, Mark Wright and James Norris. League officials present were Amanda Smedley representing slow/coach pitch and Shawn Brewer for Jr. League (formerly Pony League). City staff present included Eastland City Manager Ron Holliday, City Secretary Shirley Stuart, Chief of Police Cecil Funderburgh, Director or Public Works Bobby Jacoby, Firemen David Branch and Stephen Watson.

Holliday led a work session in preparation for the upcoming activities at the city ball fields. One item he stressed is a new policy that requires each team required to spend at least 15 minutes after their games picking up trash around where they played. Garbage bags and cans will be more plentiful this year and parents are urged to help to keep the park clean.

Jacoby gave an update on the newly installed irrigation system improvements and discussion ensued regarding use of lights. City officials also stressed the prohibition of vehicles inside the gated areas when games are underway.

There was extensive discussion regarding a severe weather alert policy and procedure. A warning will be phoned to coaches when a potentially dangerous storm is detected within 30 miles of the city. If a potentially dangerous storm is detected within ten miles of Eastland, a call will go out requiring teams and spectators to immediately clear the fields and the Complex will be closed.

Eastland Youth Baseball will be running the concession stand this summer and into the fall.

Eastland Youth Baseball has been successful in promoting Eastland as the site for state tournaments. The Freshman Tight Base Tournament is scheduled to be held here in July.